Recovering Lazyholic

Recovering Lazyholic is something I do for myself to keep me from doing nothing” . This is what Erin Hanson says to describe her website, a meltin’ pot of photographs, visual reflections, illustrations and various projects… I love it! Well, maybe ’cause often I tend to be lazyholic too…

Here are some images from the NEED TO WANT LESS SERIES:

“When I was 8 I wanted a puppy. When I was 10 I wanted parachute pants. When i was 12 I wanted an Oglivie perm. When I was 14 I wanted a boy named Robbie. When I was 16 I wanted a car. Ehen I was in my 20′s Iwanted to make bad coices. Now I want everything.    I only need enough to survive”






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